Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) has packaged Singapore Maths in a Franchise business model which can be offered efficiently across the World.  While updating the website to include the latest information, I was once again astounded by the achievements and growth S.A.M has shown over the last 6 years!

2012: 1st S.A.M centre opens in Singapore

2013: 1st International centre in Thailand & Wins Promising SME Award in Singapore

2014: Centres in 4 countries & wins Best Math Program Award in India

2015: Franchised in 6 countries & wins Best Math Program Award in Singapore

2016: 1st SAM Centre in Australia, 100 centres in 12 countries & wins Franchise Award in Singapore

2017: SAM wins Best Singapore Math Program Award in Singapore and Franchise Award in Thailand

2018: Franchised in 16 countries with more than 150 centres

We brought S.A.M to WA, NT, QLD & SA to give local students access to this proven International program.  I am extremely proud to be a part of this Enrichment Program and trust that we will go from strength to strength.  We are transitioning traditional “tuition” into the a more relevant program, teaching students to solve problems and giving them valuable life skills.

If you are looking for a Tutor to repeat the same calculations and procedures, please keep looking… We challenge our students.  We expect them to think.  We contribute to their understanding, by providing a structured program.  Our focus is not on procedures and memory, but definitely on understanding.  Our main focus is to enrich our students’ learning through this International Award Winning program.

For anyone out there, considering a new business venture – Check out S.A.M!  I don’t know of many businesses who have shown this much growth and won this many awards in only six short years.  The shadow education system is growing, and we have a fresh, unique and proven product.  We are going (good) places, and we want you on board!!

If you want to contribute to the education of young students in your area and make a difference, contact us now.  We would love to hear from you.