Let Your Child Enjoy and Excel In Maths

Mum, I Don’t Understand, I Can’t Do This

At Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M), we know children learn math better when they truly understand the concepts before learning the procedures. Our multi-award-winning S.A.M thinking math program has helped children not only to excel in math but also to develop thinking skills and problem-solving skills to prepare them to take on future challenges.

Established in 2010, S.A.M is the world’s largest Singapore Math enrichment program for children aged 4–12, with more than 200 centers in 20 countries and counting.

The S.A.M Singapore Maths Program

Why Chose S.A.M For Your Child?

The S.A.M Difference

At S.A.M, we believe every child can be great at math if they understand it.

Unlike other math enrichment programs, we teach children to understand what math concepts really mean, so that computations are no longer a jumble of numbers and symbols; they hold meaning and dictate numerical relationships. By developing students’ critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, we equip them with the tools to tackle math with total confidence.

 What S.A.M Centers Teach


  • Thinking math that emphasizes problem solving, conceptual learning before procedural learning


  • Fun, hands-on activities using the CPA approach
  • Worksheet reinforcement with variation
  • Explicit teaching of problem-solving heuristics and process


  • Coaching approach to faciliate understanding

What Most Other Centers Teach


  • Traditional math that emphasizes procedural learning, memorization and repetition


  • Drill and practice


  • Tell and give knowledge to the student

S.A.M Two Pillared Approach

The S.A.M thinking math program complements Singapore schools’ curriculum with a two-pillared approach of hands-on Classroom Engagement and Comprehensive Worksheet Reinforcement to develop interest and mastery in math.

9 Levels Of Maths Mastery Worksheets

We use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the topics a child has mastered and the topics the child needs more support with. Then, we prescribed a personalized learning plan tailored to each child at their own skill level and pace, because no two children learn alike.

In addition, we use the coaching approach with probing questions and a lot of encouragement to help students explore, discover and build confidence towards math.

  • Math Level 0A
  • Math Level 0B
  • Math Level 0C
  • Math Level 1
  • Math Level 2
  • Math Level 3
  • Math Level 4
  • Math Level 5
  • Math Level 6

Center Locations


047 478 5928
Unit 2, 18 Blackly Row
Cockburn Central, WA 6164


045 156 6284
4d/11 Erade Dr
Piara Waters, WA, 6112


041 315 3577
Suite 1, Building B 71 Allnutt Street
Mandurah WA 6210


047 861 4600
Level 1, 6/141 Russel Street
Morley WA 6062


0415 871 403
Address: Shop 6, 477 Riverton Dr E
Riverton WA 6148


0438 978 923
Suite 24, 28 Forrest Street
Subiaco WA 6008